Saturday, May 30, 2009

1: the beginning

Our first podcast, recorded after a couple of beers and a lovely home made meal, which had wedges in it.. i dont remember what else.. but they were GOOD wedges!

Our topics:

Favourite Movies
Favourite Bands
What to do when zombies attack
we dont remember what the other two were, yes we're unprepared. deal with it!

please note we did change the name from Bad English to The Preferential Treatment


Welcome to the Preferential Treatment!

glad you found us, maybe now someone will love us!

if you've just stumbled upon us by chance, stick around therell be tea and biscuits in the foyer after the show*. Take the chance to listen to our podcast of irrelevant shit, hope you enjoy our musings, we think we're HILARIOUS!

For people who dont know us... which is basically everyone, our podcast is me (Jessie) and my friend Elise with three lists of five things. they can be any three things! as long as we can make lists out of them... remember, we dont have interns, so we do have to write the lists ourselves! Feel free to suggest any, we will be screening them, so all you pervs... will be most likely heard from.

two girls, 1 laptop, 5 things... what can be more intriguing other then our poor sound!