Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Hold the phone guys! due to us being busy this week i dont think there will be an episode... were not too sure yet but dont hold onto youre hats!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

5: fuck nick starr

this weeks episode was recorded at RRR studios, and wow was me and elise excited. i dont think ive ever giggled so much in the first 10 minutes after we put the head phones on, yes i am aware that it is sad, but fuck was it fun!

this weeks guest was the reason we were able to get into the studios, mr paul jones, the same guy who made our sound better on our normal recording, and we did go over time from the normal time, but it really was good fun.

this weeks topics
- top 5 fears
- top 5 live performances (paul's own) and
- favourite things about Australia (adapted from the godfather)

our sound will never be more awesome, so make sure you listen to this one, however, if we get enough good feed back about it then we might have paul on again in a couple of weeks...

love you all chickens!

Monday, June 22, 2009

tomorrows show..

shall be recorded somewhere special! so were really excited, also the lovely man who fixed our sound, mr paul jones shall be the guest, so make sure you catch it!

topics have been discussed, emails sent it should be a ring ding of a show.. in theory

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

4: Pimps and quarantine

The forth episode of the Preferential Treatment features some of melbourne's greatest comic genius, or at least thats what his mum says... todays guest was Mr. Fox Klein soon to be Mr. Fox Klein of LA, hes leaving us to join the world of the plastic, ladies, look out!

todays topics were:
- Top 5 places to visit - courtesy of mr brainalt from the KATG forums
- Top 5 ideal occupations and
- top 5 favourite drinks

we also had a special bonus round which will only be released to our favourite listeners, Fox's top 3 movies.

a barrel of laughs and not so subtle inuendo, make this podcast the thing it is.. no more description needed.

(elise says: "i think we hit the limit on cunt", my thought: there's a limit on cunt?)

so enjoy the latest ramblings from our mouths through the fantastical world of the interwebs and out both your ears!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

next episode...

Next episode will be recorded on Thursday, with guest Fox Klein, melbourne comedian and sometimes hes funny!

there will be some thank yous and a rescinding during the ep!

Friday, June 12, 2009

3: time and again

On this episode of the Preferential Treatment we introduce the fabulous blake! my best friend since primary school.

we discuss:
favourite comedians
favourite foods and
things you never leave home without!

In this episode we discovered that dane cook is an actor, julia morris should be an american comic and we want to be adopted by Stephen Fry

its all very interesting, and wow did we suffer from deja vu! alongside a fantastic risotto which is resonating amongst us as we speak (Elise says: im actually talking about your fart) so hope you enjoy this episode of the preferential treatment.

please note: we do realise that we have done fav foods before, but we thought it would be good to do with sound

todays question: do feet have pores?

remember if you want to suggest any ideas for the preferential treatment, please email us at preferentialtreatment@gmail.com

tanks love jess

Thursday, June 11, 2009

2 tings...

tomorrows episode shall have better sound, and it will be recorded with myself, elise and my best friend blake as our first guest. were recording it at my 'crib' so i dont want none of you weirdos pulling any of that numbers shit and finding out where i live!

second thing, anyone who listens to us, should also listen to the perfect 10, not only do they have awesome sound but theyre quite amusing.. at times... which is a lie, i almost fucked up my knitting twice during the last episode. so listen to them theyre really good, and quite good looking the pair of them....

Monday, June 8, 2009

2: fatigue KILLS!

welcome to episode 2 of the Preferential Treatment, in this episode we talk about OCD things we do, songs that make us cringe and people we'd like to have over to dinner with us.

Please note, i do realise that there have been a few changes: there are 3 topics instead of 5, we arent drunk, were tired and not so fun

things that havent changed: our shitty sound!

but the sound thing has been taken care of and next episode you should be able to hear our lovely lilting voices perfectly... with a little bit of sound interference i suppose...

ANYWAY! pleasent listening :)



im currently very excited because i managed to fix the microphone on the laptop, thanks to mr Paul Jones. So the episode after next which we will be recording sometime this week, WITH a special guest, shall have a LOT better sound.. hopefully...

ive been told the next ep has shit sound (i havent listened to it yet myself) but i shall be putting it up regardless!

rock on listeners!

Friday, June 5, 2009


You can now check us out on good ole iTunes! what can be easier then accessing our podcast the same way everyone in the whole world does? EH!?

so check it out, subscribe, the more people who subscribes, the happier ill be! this is where my face is :I and this is where i should be :) MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


hey guys, thanks for everyone whose listened to the podcast, the second episode has been recorded and i (jessie) decided were going to try and put one out weekly.

one of the issues which has been brought to me, and i also noticed it myself when listening back, is that the sound is very low. were currently using the same mic, its a good mic, but thats why its faint. were going to start using a different recording program, so im hoping that that will make the sound a bit louder, but just so you know, try and ignore that :)

thanks again

love jess :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

contact us...

if you have any topics which you think might make a good list, feel free to email us at: