Friday, June 12, 2009

3: time and again

On this episode of the Preferential Treatment we introduce the fabulous blake! my best friend since primary school.

we discuss:
favourite comedians
favourite foods and
things you never leave home without!

In this episode we discovered that dane cook is an actor, julia morris should be an american comic and we want to be adopted by Stephen Fry

its all very interesting, and wow did we suffer from deja vu! alongside a fantastic risotto which is resonating amongst us as we speak (Elise says: im actually talking about your fart) so hope you enjoy this episode of the preferential treatment.

please note: we do realise that we have done fav foods before, but we thought it would be good to do with sound

todays question: do feet have pores?

remember if you want to suggest any ideas for the preferential treatment, please email us at

tanks love jess


  1. Your friend Blake sounds sexy. Can you introduce us?

  2. i dunno.. im very protective of my little blake... but you sound like your just his type :P