Wednesday, June 17, 2009

4: Pimps and quarantine

The forth episode of the Preferential Treatment features some of melbourne's greatest comic genius, or at least thats what his mum says... todays guest was Mr. Fox Klein soon to be Mr. Fox Klein of LA, hes leaving us to join the world of the plastic, ladies, look out!

todays topics were:
- Top 5 places to visit - courtesy of mr brainalt from the KATG forums
- Top 5 ideal occupations and
- top 5 favourite drinks

we also had a special bonus round which will only be released to our favourite listeners, Fox's top 3 movies.

a barrel of laughs and not so subtle inuendo, make this podcast the thing it is.. no more description needed.

(elise says: "i think we hit the limit on cunt", my thought: there's a limit on cunt?)

so enjoy the latest ramblings from our mouths through the fantastical world of the interwebs and out both your ears!


  1. W00t! Now I really have to listen! ;-)

  2. haha wow... nice to know you feel like you HAVE to :P

  3. I would have anyway.

    Seriously? Supermarket and "my bed"? WTF?

  4. Oh, and would it be wrong to tell you that I'm 42 and will turn 43 this year?

    Just wondering.

  5. Sorry, just wondering. But it IS true.

  6. i appreciate knowing and i will make sure i remember this information