Thursday, June 25, 2009

5: fuck nick starr

this weeks episode was recorded at RRR studios, and wow was me and elise excited. i dont think ive ever giggled so much in the first 10 minutes after we put the head phones on, yes i am aware that it is sad, but fuck was it fun!

this weeks guest was the reason we were able to get into the studios, mr paul jones, the same guy who made our sound better on our normal recording, and we did go over time from the normal time, but it really was good fun.

this weeks topics
- top 5 fears
- top 5 live performances (paul's own) and
- favourite things about Australia (adapted from the godfather)

our sound will never be more awesome, so make sure you listen to this one, however, if we get enough good feed back about it then we might have paul on again in a couple of weeks...

love you all chickens!