Monday, July 6, 2009

6: lordy lordy lordy

this weeks episode of the preferential treatment is a dip back into the days before guests! i still remember how excited we were when blake was on the show, and now how excited we were when we didnt have to look pretty for someone!

this is the 6th epsidoe which means that our probation period is done with! its all or nothing now! however having more time to fill means we had time to rant! which isnt always a good thing, but hey we had fun!

this weeks topics were:

- things you want to try but are too afraid to - from listener and hopefuly future guest Ed
- favourite books and
- things you hate but everyone loves

we discuss books, hats and politics, being unqualified to talk about 2 or the 3 subjects hopefully we offend someone!

we also didnt manage to drop the C word this week so feel free to let your kids listen!

hope you enjoy it!

love Jess, Elise and Sammy Pants


  1. Please say cunt more often so I don't feel compelled to let my kids listen. ;-)

  2. we realised just after we hit the stop button! sorry brian :)

  3. You should do a topic on your short-term goals for winter. Or what the 5 best things (or worst things) would be as a result of the shizow.

  4. we havent quit, ive just been reeeeeally busy and sick lately, well explain more on the next ep which will be recorded friday, and will be posted (hopefully) on friday as well... so just hang about old chap!