Friday, July 24, 2009

7: The Stephen Fry of Teachers

On this episode of the preferential treatment, we ramble on about hats.. why you may ask? BECAUSE ELISE BOUGHT AN AWESOME HAT! so we talked about it..

we discusssssssssssssed:

- short term goals for Winter (Butch)
- people you want to meeeeeeet
- celebrities whose death wouldn't move you to tears

thoroughly off topic and slightly hung over, this show is a barrel of laughs for people who laugh at anything and everything... why? cause Elise didn't laugh at my doppleganger joke! how roooooood!

Apologies for the gap between shows! we didnt mean to worry you or anything, i know we're the highlight of your week... all six of you! but we're back, and not yet too stressed out from uni!

hope you enjoy the show!

Jess and Elise


  1. Was on vacay for 10 days. You're in my queue. Almost there...

  2. - It only sounded creepy after you pointed it out.

    - I thought I would be #5. Oh well...