Sunday, August 23, 2009

my awesomeness....

now allows you to click the heading of anything titled with the latest episode (ie. 1: the beginning or 9: hate fucking) and it takes you straight to the player and plays instantly, i know, how cool is that!

9: hate fucking

welcome back to PAUL JONES! i know the man you hate to love! which is why you dont, but we do, and he gets us into RRR so we like to put up with him :)

this weeks topics:
- which characters do you wish were real
- 5 people you want to punch in the face
- favourite pass times

me being flu like, lots of cute people walking in and out, lots of afros and bright clothing, what the hell else could make the podcast better?

but dont be fooled by the name of the show, we dont get down and dirty, unless you include the boob talk at the beginning of the show... ANYWAY we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, the people in the studio over really enjoyed themselves, and so did the dog.... so we all enjoyed ourselves and i went home with a whole heap of new CDS

remember! email us at wed love to have some of your topic suggestions, makes my job a whole lot easier ;) and you get mentioned, so its a full circle people FULL CIRCLE

hope you enjoy it!

Monday, August 10, 2009

8: Reminiscent

can you say last minute much! our much awaited next episode has been hugely influenced and delayed by uni, so here it is! finally our eight show! with special guest: my cat misty, he doesnt say much but you can definetly hear his oh so sexy purrrrrring.

Well, if you cant get enough of our rants and tangents, i think this episode will change your mind completly, though we thoroughly enjoyed it, i wont say we dont get off topic, especially when i have my mental break.. i still have no idea what happened there. I dont think weve ever recorded a podcast later, or in an odder position in my life!

ANYWHO! our topics for this episode were:

- favourite school camps
- things we would buy if we had the money to (from the lovely Big M)
- top 5 super powers

I think the only thing that could have made this recording better would be if we had been pissed, but since we werent, you guys are all stuck with a sub-standard podcast! but remember, our sub-standardness is another mans fucking great, because my dear friends, our horrible is still awesome!

if by the end of the podcast, you still have no idea why we titled it the way we did, please make sure to email us your accound numbers to: (jks...)

one of the things i learnt about Elise in this is that, she'll get rid of her fear of hights before her fear of spiders... very very interesting...

ANYWAY! im off to find a purple pen, PEACE!