Friday, December 18, 2009

12: Christmas Cheer

We thought for a christmas show, we'd actually record it BEFORE CHRISTMAS! we thought about recording it in another month, but what the hey! we got nothing better to do

our topics for this weeks podcast are:
- new years resolutions (donated by Butch)
- Best Excuses and
- What we want for christmas

we acknowledge that this show is definetly a bit of a ramble, but we need to catch you up on things were doing. Just call it an added bonus. Were aware that we didnt record anything for quite a long time, but we both have new jobs (YAY) so deal with it.

With a ramble about ghosts and then a ramble about vampires, we think this is our most paranormal show yet!

So have a merry christmas, a happy new year perhaps well see you NYE if not SEE YOU IN '10!