Thursday, January 7, 2010

13: Topical... or not

Welcome back! We both hope you all had a lovely holiays, drank way too much New Years Eve and woke up with shit in your pants and a half naked lady who resembles a wart hog with the name of Sheila. You deserve it!

In this episode we enlighten you to our...

- Top 5 news stories of '09
- Top 5 favourite Simpson characters, thanks to Jeremy for that! and
- Quintessential things from the 90's

Its my birthday on the 13th so dont forget to wish me a happy one or you will all die!

We do realise that this is even more rambly then normal.. but deal with it (Elise told me in secret that she likes Cold Play)

Love for the Summer/Winter lets start 2010 with a bang